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A company is only successful if its clients are successful. We don’t expect you to listen to what we say without also hearing what our customers have to say. Read through some of our case studies to find client testimonials for projects similar to yours or in your industry.

Digifit - Case Study - Care Analytics


We contributed to the Digifit EcoSystem, a Fitness Tracking Solution for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Digifit™ Connect wireless bridge and its suite of applications, allowing people to track their health and fitness information anywhere, with no syncing or additional uploading software.

Read the full case study here >>

Opvizor - Case Study - Care Analytics


Opvizor GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of software solutions for intelligent datacenters. Its flagship product is a SaaS platform for automation and management of VMware environments. It allows for predicative analysis and issue prevention in virtual IT infrastructures.

Read the full case study here >>

iTEAM - Case Study - Care Analytics


iTEAM Network is a US-based company founded in 2013 that offers businesses interested in Daily Fantasy Sports opportunities the ability to quickly launch a fully branded site on desktop, Android, and iOS apps.

Read the full case study here >>

Vault - Electronic Health Records - Care Analytics


VAULT was looking for a partner that had a full understanding of the complex healthcare industry, that could satisfy their needs for a scalable environment that would fully meet the increasing compute resources and storage demands for a continuously growing platform, and step up to the challenges created by and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Learn how Care Analytics helped them achieve their vision >>


CaseGlide is a dynamic claims and case management software that delivers predictive analytics. They were looking for a solution to develop a web-based system that streamlines collaboration between insurance companies and their third-party law firms.

Learn how Care Analytics helped move CaseGlide’s application to the cloud >>


Colombia’s Ministry of Health And Social Services is responsible for coordinating and implementing the national policy and social services relating to health and social security. Care Analytics was involved with designing, implementing, and deploying a data management system that could handle 5 million data record per day.

Read the full case study here >>


Cable and Wireless Communications (Cwc) is a multinational telecommunications company. Although CWC had completely adopted the cloud, the increasing demand for accurate and fast-delivery information, and everchanging regulations, the original data architectural design was falling short in keeping up.

Find out how we increased the flexibility and scaling capabilities >>

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