Care Analytics Moves Into New Offices In Medellin, Colombia

We are happy to announce that we have moved our operations to a brand new office in one of the most exclusive areas of Medellin, Colombia, the so-called Golden Mile. This is an excellent location that will allow us to welcome our customers, fulfill our company’s goals, and further develop our corporate culture.

Julio Aconcha – Solutions Architect – Colombia
The fact that we have a such a splendid environment will empower our team to reach higher levels of quality in the services we provide to our customer, by ensuring that we have an optimal space that enhances our resources’ effectiveness”.

Care Analytics
 is a subsidiary of TEAM International and was launched in recognition of the current technology trends and the need for expertise in cloud computing, applications, migration, and more. It is a US owned healthcare cloud solutions and analytics solutions partner, specializing in migrating, building, integrating, and managing applications in the cloud, specifically in the healthcare industry.

Our brand new office that we share with TEAM International, was unveiled on August 23rd. With an outstanding view of the city, our offices offer a modern design, a comfortable style, and are in the epicenter of the business district, with easy access to transport and commercial centers.

Our office has space for more than one hundred employees, kitchen amenities, amusement areas, conference rooms, TVs, Bean Bags, electronic entertainment, and much more.

Andres Gómez – Operational Manager – Colombia
We have created a place where our passion for technology, our keen interest to create new relationships, and our tenacity to meet our current business partners needs are reflected”.


We had the pleasure to have as guests other innovative institutions and companies in the IT sector, as well as the president of TEAM International, Chris Walton, and our Board Chairman, Matt Moore. The opening was a complete success, where we gave a warm welcome to all those who are part of our Care Analytics family.

Care Analytics New Location - Medellin ColombiaToday, our operations are running smoothly. Our president, Tommy Simon, visited on October16th, and reviewed the last details for Care Analytics’ operation in the new location and with his final approval we could mark this chapter as completed.

Tommy Simon – President of Care Analytics
Our history is one of people, whether it is the employees that work for us, you as our customer that we serve, the care givers that we support, the community as a whole, or the most important person, the patient that we can help to change their life and give them better outcomes. Our new location will allow us to better fulfill the needs of the people who have shaped our history”


Our Care Analytics family has become better and will keep on growing to continue to support all of our clients’ needs.

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