We use proven processes and methodologies to help solve our clients’ challenges and come up with solutions.

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We believe a large portion of a project’s success is dependent on a company’s processes and methodologies. We use both industry recognized processes as well as our own that we have developed during our vast experience. This is what helps us service our clients efficiently and deliver high quality projects to completion.

Methodology - Review Process - Care Analytics

We assess each client situation by breaking down the enterprise into four key areas for analysis: Security, Hardware and Software, Costs Analysis, and a detailed Assessment Report that highlights where the enterprise can improve their existing process as part of the cloud migration.

Methodology - Monitoring Process - Care Analytics

We provide added value to our customers by partnering with best of breed vendors to continually build our core Nucleus of Monitoring tools. We monitor all aspects of our Managed Services in the Cloud in all key metric areas; Availability, Endpoint Performance, Logging, Security, and HIPAA and PCI Compliance are our primary targeted areas of diligence.

Methodology - Delivery Process - Care Analytics

With our proven methodology we can confidently deliver successful projects on time and without surprises along the way. The success of any project is in the proper up front analysis. We commence any project with the goal of completely understanding the challenges ahead of execution. When we set up and plan the delivery stages, we have a high degree of predictable execution of the project plan.

Methodology - Continuous Integration Delivery - Care Analytics

With a clear understanding of Application Lifecycle, Development, Deployment and deep experience with Operations, we leverage years of knowledge to execute a clear methodology and approach to all logical and physical segments of our Cloud migration projects.

Methodology - Assessment Workflow - Care Analytics

We take the time to properly assess the client environment before proposing a way forward with Cloud migration. We look for costs savings to further compel the move to Cloud and we look for ways to enhance or optimize the existing systems and procedures as we conduct our extensive assessment review.

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