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We strive to always keep informed on the latest innovation and how it can be applied to our business, as well as how it can help our clients. Our knowledge and insights are shared in our weekly webinars that you can view here. Check back often.

Is your Mobile App Secure? - Webinar - Care Analytics

Is Your Mobile App Secure?

Join us for this exciting webinar on-demand and learn about the security concerns that impact mobile applications. Norm Klapper, AppVision’s Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, will walk us through the current state of application security, what are the root causes that leave mobile applications vulnerable to hacking, and explore potential solutions to improving security and protection of your apps. This webinar is a must for any company that has a mobile application.

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Modio Webinar - Care Analytics

Onboarding Providers Faster and More Efficiently With Modio

Managing provider credentialing shouldn’t be complicated. In today’s world of high-tech healthcare solutions, there is no longer a reason for healthcare organizations to rely on manual systems to onboard new providers and track ongoing compliance needs, when you need it. Watch our webinar and see how easy it is to streamline provider onboarding and shorten credentialing times with both facilities and payors.

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Abacode Webinar - Care Analytics

Cyber Security – Monitor And Protect Your Data

One of the major concerns many companies have when considering migrating to the cloud is security. Whether your IT infrastructure is set in the cloud, in a hybrid environment, or on premise, it’s important to have real-time visibility into your network, 24/7, 365. Our partner Abacode – Cyber Security Experts will walk us through the importance of managed detection and response (MDR). This webinar is presented by Jeremy Rasmussen CTO and Director of Cyber Security/Abacode Security Experts.

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loudPassage Security and Compliance - Care Analytics

Featured Partner: CloudPassage Security and Compliance

CloudPassage is one of our enhanced service partner that offers a great security and compliance package called Halo. View a demo and listen to real use cases for this lightweight agent-based monitoring tool in this webinar. Halo can monitor on-premise servers as well as AWS infrastructure and we will talk more about how we have used it for our clients as well.

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Webinar - Healthcare IT Trends - Care Analytics

Healthcare IT Trends for 2018

With the revolutionary new technology that are currently in the market, many industries will be transformed. Looking at technology trends like AR, VR, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and more, we are interested to know how this will impact healthcare IT, and the healthcare industry as a whole. We sat down with our resident experts to discuss the development and get their opinion on how these innovations will affect healthcare.

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Process Intelligence for Healthcare - Care Analytics

Process Intelligence for Healthcare

To meet the challenges facing healthcare providers today, it requires a deeper understanding of the myriad o clinical and business processes executed by an organization. TimelinePI is a new way of automatically analyzing data to understand, optimize, and monitor processes. Timeline PI are joining Care Analytics in our webinar to tell us more about how this solution can be used for healthcare organizations and show us a brief demo.

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Find Your Sensitive Healthcare Data – And Protect It

The healthcare industry is the most targeted industry by cyber criminals. There is no way to protect your information without knowing precisely where it is. Join Cloudvault Health and Care Analytics and learn how to identify your data and keep it safe.

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ai-Driven Health & Wellness

The r4 aiCLOUD (artificial intelligence CLOUD) is an industry-leading platform that gives healthcare leaders a disruptive competitive advantage through a data-driven solution. Join r4 and Care Analytics for an inside look at this exciting platform.

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Best Practices for Migrating Healthcare Applications to the Amazon Cloud - Care Analytics

Best Practices for Migrating Healthcare Applications to the Amazon Cloud

The decision to migrate applications to the cloud can be a daunting one for any organization. With the strict regulations and compliance requirements of the healthcare industry, there are a lot of things to consider before undertaking a cloud migration project. Join us to discuss best practices with our own AWS Solutions Architect Mark Richards.

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Innovation and Electronic Health Records – VaultMR’s Journey - Care Analytics

Innovation and Electronic Health Records – VaultMR’s Journey

VaultMR is one of our partners and a client. We are excited to have them join us for this webinar where they talk about innovation in healthcare, and their journey to launching an EHR platform. We will learn more about the challenges on their road to success and what they learned in the process.

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