A Salute To The HealthCare Innovators

A Salute To The HealthCare Innovators - Care Analytics

Innovation. What is it? Why is it important? How do you encourage, develop, and leverage it?

It seems every company we visit tells us about the importance of innovation. There is a need to innovative their business and industry. They even have a program, division, or group designed to “find” new innovation.

But when we ask what innovation is no one seems to really know. And when we ask how to find it, there are a myriad of answers, with very few demonstrable results.

When we talk about how they are going to “find” it, they usually refer to the same techniques everyone else uses. In fact, they talk to the organization down the street about it. The same organization who is asking the organization on the other side of town. Of course the organization across town is asking the organization we are talking to about it. So it’s a big circle that fosters a myopic mindset and produces very little innovation.

In my experience, innovation is one of those things that you just know when you see it. Unfortunately, if you don’t see it, you will never know it’s there. So finding true sources of innovation is as much about having an innovative approach for searching for it as it is for developing it.

The good news for those who are first to innovate is that you can help others find these innovations. The difficulty is that it takes significant money to create marketing campaigns and targeted messaging to educate the masses. It can be difficult for an organization to spread the word about their innovation.

I believe that is part of our mission at Care Analytics. We have the opportunity to work with some unique and innovative organizations across the country and across the entire healthcare and life science industry. We believe it is our mission to spread the message about these new and exciting innovators. Furthermore, we can help connect innovators and create new solutions and models.

To be an innovator is something you are at your core, either as an individual or an organization. It is a hard road to be an innovator. But these are the people who bring change to our world. They better it for you and me. So we at Care Analytics would like to salute the innovators around the world. May you have continued success.

If you are a healthcare innovator and would like us to help spread the word about your product, process, procedure, or tool, please contact me and we will gladly put your innovation in a webinar, white paper, and on our social media platforms.

All the best. And keep innovating.

Tommy Simon
President and COO
Care Analytics

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