We will make sure you are making the right move for your business and offer a variety of assessment services to help you make educated decisions.

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Free Review Of Your Systems and Practices

Do you have concerns with the efficiency of the hardware or software you currently use? Or with your organization’s security practices? We will provide you with a free review. Fill in the form below for the issue you are concerned with, and one of our specialists will return to you shortly with recommendations and results from the review.


There are many things to consider for any organization looking to migrate to the cloud. Our Assessment services will help you make the right decision and help you present a business case to your stakeholders.

Assessment Security - Care Analytics

Security Assessment

What is the state of your current architecture’s security? Our proven 5-step methodology will identify your needs and how to get value out of your security investments.

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Assessment Service Selection - Care Analytics

Service Selection Assessment

New technologies and new vendors is potentially a large monetary investment for any company and could have huge implications for your infrastructure and operations. We can assist you in assessing and selecting the right solution.

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Assessment Cloud - Care Analytics

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Our 5 A’s approach will ensure help you select the cloud architecture that is the best fit for your organization in terms of security, compliance, and redundancy.

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Assessment ROI - Care Analytics

ROI Justification Assessment

Are you in the process of establishing a business case for, or implementing a cloud based solution? We can help you understand the projected return on investment and estimate potential financial gains.

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Assessment Optimization - Care Analytics

Optimization Assessment

Balancing performance against cost and security is a never-ending struggle for IT. Let us help you achieve cost and performance goal and find the right balance between resources and expenses.

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If you have questions or want to learn more about our services, fill out the form and a certified AWS specialists will get back with you shortly.